Saturday, November 22, 2014

3.2.2 release today

We've heard only good feedback about last months 3.2.2-beta1 - so we've pushed 3.2.2 to nuget and to the binaries repo as a full release **today**.

The changes in 3.2.2 are:
  • Additions to LinkerPleaseInclude for Activity.Title, CheckedTextView.Switch, UILabel.AttributedText, MvxViewController.Title
  • A fix for base class Dictionary deserialization
  • An optimisation for WinRT `File.Exists`
  • A fix for iOS 8 CoreLocation permissions
  • Email plugin fixes (thanks Mikkel Jensen)
  • Intent Title localization fixes (thanks Mikkel Jensen)
  • Yes!!! The return of Generic Views (thanks Stephanvs!)
  • A very important WinRT Media Capture fix (thanks Luke Barnett)
  • Heading included in WinPhone location plugin (thanks Marco Marche!)
  • Fragment namespace defuddling (thanks Jeremy Kolb)

THANKS for all of these awesome contributions... THANK YOU :)


Coming up after this will be 3.5 - which involves bigger changes - especially:

- for Android Fragments (from the most Excellent @cheesebaron)
- for iOS Unified support (from the most Excellent @kwlothrop)
- possibly for Windows navigation and tombstoning - see the discussions in especially driven by the most Excellent @promontis and @dbeattie71

We're hoping to push an alpha out of some of this really very soon indeed... :)


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  2. Stuart, can you describe Generic Views? Should we use them instead of what we use now?

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