Thursday, December 18, 2014

3.5.0-beta2 MvvmCross Unified beta release

We released a small update to the 3.5 "Unified" pre-releases last night.

This update was built with the alpha channel - Xamarin iOS 8.6

The changes since 3.2 are:

  • The inclusion of the new "Woah Fragments" architecture from Cheesebaron :)
  • The switch to the Xamarin Unified iOS API - with lots of updates as Xamarin's changes have evolved
  • The return of Generic base ViewController's and Activity's (No more Heisenbugs - hurrah!)
  • A new binding for UISegmentedControl's
  • Improvements to the way RaisePropertyChanged can be called
  • Improvement in Windows support for generic MvxCommand class
  • Small updates to LinkerPleaseInclude for both Android and iOS
  • WindowsPhone has Heading added to the geolocation plugin
We have also updated two packages - 3.5.0-beta3 for PortableSupport and 3.5.0-beta4 for StarterPack - these are to address small "Starter pack" issues.
Thanks hugely to everyone who's contributed - especially:

If you want to get involved, then please read and please do join in :)

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  1. Stuart, can we get a post on how to use the new fragments?