Monday, February 09, 2015

3.5.1 Alpha release

We've just pushed an Alpha release of Mvx 3.5.1 to nuget - 3.5.1-Alpha1

The main change in this release is:
  • changes to binding strong `target` storage - to try to address issues with the latest Xamarin GC releases on iOS

Additionally, we have included:
  • additions to support suspension management in WinStore and WinCommon
  • a fix for camera picker leaking on iOS
  • additional protected constructor added for dialog controller
  • typo fix in Android target bindings
  • some packages now have symbols on nuget - but not all - this is still a (frustrating) work in progress
  • IntPtr constructor added to MvxFrameControl
  • improvements to serialization for fragments presenter
  • CreateIoCOptions added for unit tests
  • bindable ExpandableListView added for Android
  • Seekbar binding becomes a better C# citizen
  • setter only property fix (broken by universal project changes)
  • simple addition of INPC to assist with linking
  • addition of GetFoldersIn to File plugin
  • fix for recursive delete on WinPhone Silverlight

You can see these changes in source on

This is very much an Alpha release at present - not fully tested.

People are reporting seeing very different effects from the "stable" GC release for Xamarin.iOS/MonoTouch. We're keen to get feedback on this :)

Thanks to all the fab contributors :) This patch includes: Sylapse, geirsagberg, martijn00, azchohfi,, Paul Kapustin, brsolucoes, pazi146, kjeremy, vzsg, tal33 and jamie94bc


  1. Great to see symbols being added to the packages. However, I only see pdb files being added in this commit:

    Are there any plans to add mdb symbol files too, so it works in Xamarin Studio too and not only in Visual Studio?

    1. If it would help you, then please do add them. Pull requests gladly accepted :)