Thursday, March 12, 2015

3.5.1 - Beta 1

We've pushed Mvx 3.5.1 to Beta on nuget - 3.5.1-Beta1

The main change in this release remain:
  • changes to binding strong `target` storage - to try to address issues with the latest Xamarin GC releases on iOS

Additionally, we have included:
  • addition of a FromStoryboard attribute
  • Touch setup changes to ease XamForms integration
  • a fix for dynamic image helper (when reused in some error situations)
  • a Fragments suspension fix
  • addition of open generic support for binding registration
  • addition of MvxOwnerViewModelFragment - for "old" style fragments
  • GroupTemplateId added to MvxExpandableListView
  • support for SelectedSegment binding in UISegmentedControl
  • additions to support suspension management in WinStore and WinCommon
  • a fix for camera picker leaking on iOS
  • additional protected constructor added for dialog controller
  • typo fix in Android target bindings
  • some packages now have symbols on nuget - but not all - this is still a (frustrating) work in progress
  • IntPtr constructor added to MvxFrameControl
  • improvements to serialization for fragments presenter
  • CreateIoCOptions added for unit tests
  • bindable ExpandableListView added for Android
  • Seekbar binding becomes a better C# citizen
  • setter only property fix (broken by universal project changes)
  • simple addition of INPC to assist with linking
  • addition of GetFoldersIn to File plugin
  • some test changes - to ensure invariant culture used
  • fix for recursive delete on WinPhone Silverlight

You can see these changes in source on

People are reporting seeing very different effects from the "stable" GC release for Xamarin.iOS/MonoTouch. We're keen to get feedback on this :)

Thanks to all the fab contributors :) This patch includes: Sylapse, geirsagberg, martijn00, azchohfi,, Paul Kapustin, brsolucoes, pazi146, kjeremy, vzsg, tal33, jamie94bc, David Schwegler, cclarke, Kevin Ford, Paul Leman, Eugene Berdnikov, Bognar

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