Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Announcing MvvmCross Badges of Awesomeness

A lot of people are doing awesome things with MvvmCross.

To celebrate, I'm announcing today:

MvvmCross Badges of Awesomeness

I'm keen to award these out to anyone you know has:
  • developed an awesome app using MvvmCross
  • githubbed an awesome MvvmCross extension or plugin
  • blogged an awesome bit of MvvmCross information
  • presented an awesome session on MvvmCross
  • done something else Mvvm and/or Crossie which is awesome....

I'll be awarding the first batch of badges in the next week... and I'll be posting about each and every badge award here on the blog - probably on a special page.

I'm hopeful this will help spread the word about awesome things developers can do with MvvmCross and also help customers find skilled contractors too - because we are worth it!

If you think you deserve one or more badges - or if you know someone who does - please let me know! If you think someone is awesome, then they probably are.

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