Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Still speechless... the Xamarin Showdown win

Huge thanks to Xamarin for choosing Sphero Ball Control as the Grand Prize winner in their first developer showdown.

To win a prize is always great :)

But in this case it's even more special:
  • because the prize is for code 
  • because the voting was done by a great bunch of developers who I have so much time and respect for; from a team who frequently release totally jaw-dropping awesome software - both in product and in source code form.

To be honest, I hoped I had a shot at winning the Windows Phone prize, but I genuinely thought I had no chance at the big one. Especially when you look at some of the apps I was up against:

Evolve from Bill Holmes - using all 3 Xamarin.Mobile parts on iOS:

Wsh Lst from Jonathan Dick (@Redth) - supporting all 3 platforms, plus web services, plus bar code scanning, plus a website - wow:

Prattle from John Heerman - an Android group messaging app I need (and I love the Darth Vader party invite in the video):

Congratulations to all of the above on their prizes - and more importantly on your great apps and code.

All 3 of the apps above are open source - helping everyone to build apps - check them out:

Today I'm definitely wearing:

Thanks again for the prize!

And while I'm saying thanks.... there's also again to Xamarin for hosting the MvvmCross Xaminar - it's awesome to see them embracing and promoting so many different flavors of C# development.

Today I look at the Xamarin blog and I'm all over it :) Thanks, monkeys!

However.... actually the stuff just off the bottom of the page is much more interesting - check out:
On with the code!

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