Wednesday, May 08, 2013

N=12 - Collect-A-Bull - A full app - part 1 (N+1 days of MvvmCross)

In this N+1 we start on a bigger app - a Collect-A-Bull app

This app will include functionality to:

  • capture items in a collection
  • add location and a photo to these items
  • view the list of collected items
  • edit and delete items
  • and share items too

Technically this will ultimately combine:
  • Multiple pages 
  • Multiple platforms
  • SQLite
  • Messenger
  • Location
  • Images
  • Sharing
  • And maybe more...

This first step - which is PCL and WindowsPhone only - is captured in full at:

The code for this first step is at:

More will follow tomorrow....

Previously in N+1:

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