Thursday, May 09, 2013

'Ninja Coder for MvvmCross’ AddIn for Visual Studio - Testers needed

zOMG - I just received this email....

Hi Stuart,

I have just released my first version of my ‘Ninja Coder for MvvmCross’ AddIn for Visual Studio.

The ‘Add Projects’ should work apart from a small problem with references in the windows store project!!!
The ‘Add ViewModel/Views’ is still work in progress – but should just about work.
The ‘Add Converters’ is still something I’m playing with – I’m not sure if it will stack up but let’s see (may not work!)

I wanted to release it as I keep tweaking it and not pushing it out.

I have struggled creating an MSI (and spent a lot of time on it!) – I had to do it by hand – I’m quite a wiz on WIX now J - I’ve installed it on 3 machines and it appears ok! – hopefully will work for you.

Hopefully you will find useful.

The MSI I have put in the gallery and can be downloaded from here

I tried to write a few words about the AddIn here (to be honest I put a lot more effort into the code – there wasn’t enough hours in the day and the code took precedent!)




  1. Nice, will have to take a look at this!

    Could they make MSIs any more painful, I wonder how much time as an industry we waste on getting MSIs to work ;-P

  2. I have been wondering are Microsoft making it hard to create MSI installers since the introduction of the Windows 8 Store :-)

  3. Petter to package it as a VSIX addin project. It's a hell of a lot easier

  4. You cant install AddIns with a VSIX.