Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Using PP files to make nuget packages more consumable - @dsplaisted hits **4**

Over the last five months of handing out MvvmCross Badges of Awesomeness, only three have been awesome enough to hit 3 badges....

And one of them, @dsplaisted, today hits 4!

Previously in 'The evolution of Dan'

Daniel's been a great supporter of the project and he's previously contributed awesome things like:

And recently, he's made another awesome contribution - this issue which pointed out how to use .pp source code transformations in nuget in order to make MvvmCross project start even simpler.

This has had a big impact - especially when combined with @Cheesebaron's res-auto change. Thanks to these changes, starting a WindowsPhone, WindowsStore, Android or iOS is now really simple.

This is awesome.... and so Daniel...  it's an absolute pleasure to award you badge number 4

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