Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My standard reply to MvvmCross support emails

This is the type of message I generally send to everyone when they send me an email about MvvmCross. I'm afraid I currently get perhaps 5 emails every day and answering them is simply not efficient or practical
Thanks for understanding


Hi (friend)

Thanks for the email

I provide lots of support to the community and I do this in public. I find talking in public is better:
  • it helps as many people as possible and 
  • it allows others to also help out with answers - most of the best ideas come from other people.


If you need help or have questions, please try asking on StackOverflow or on the Xamarin forums - I and others can help there. Please provide a good level of detail in your question - e.g.:
  • if you have a question about an exception, then please include some code near where the error occurred and the exception message and stack trace.
  • if you have a question about an idea or concept, then maybe try adding a diagram that will help others understand the concept - and tell everyone what you've already tried

If you ask a good question, then I and others will often spend hours answering it. If you ask a vague one sentence question that lacks detail, then no-one will be able help you. The better your question - the better the answers.

There are some great tips on asking questions in http://stackoverflow.com/help/on-topic

Bugs and Features

If you believe you have found a bug or if you have a new Feature Request, then please try raising an issue on github - https://github.com/slodge/MvvmCross/issues/new - but please again include a good level of information if you can. It really helps if you can provide a complete github repo which demonstrates the problem - this makes it easier and quicker for people to find, fix and test the problem - so quicker for you to get a solution.

MvvmCross also accepts pull requests from other github repos. Please only send a pull request if you agree to have your code shared under the MvvmCross license. Pull requests including Unit Tests are encouraged - I am trying to improve the test coverage inside MvvmCross. Also please understand that currently I do personally maintain and support MvvmCross - so please do understand that sometimes I may decide not to merge your request. My aim is to try to keep MvvmCross extensible - so even if a Pull Request is not accepted, then you will still hopefully be able to work on a fork or in an extension in order to use that functionality yourself.


If after reading this, you decide you still really need 1-to-1 support because of business reasons, then I understand and can provide this, but only as a paid business option. You are welcome to email me about that if you need it.

Thanks for understanding

Best wishes


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