Monday, June 24, 2013

N=30 - CrossLight (aka Project Chimp) - N+1 Days of MvvmCross

This is a very technical topic today.

It's aimed mainly at people who want to use the MvvmCross plugins or the MvvmCross binding layer in non-MvvmCross applications. This may sound isn't something MvvmCross should want... but I would personally love to see lots of small cross-platform application frameworks pushing away at different ideas/areas. Innovation breeds off of invention, and innovation is fun and profitable :)

Today's video is:

The code is at:

The existing CrossLight demos are in:

The original idea for Project Chimp was discussed in

The v3 changes that enabled Chimp were also discussed in the slide deck at:

For an excellent index of N+1 try:

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