Monday, June 10, 2013

N=26 - Down at Android Fragments Rock (N+1 Days of MvvmCross)

Today N+1 is back!

Sorry about the short break... and sorry about before another short break that's coming up - I'm going to NDC Oslo in Norway this week :)

Today, we're talking about Fragments!

Fragments are an Android-only thing. They're a type of User Control and they were invented by Jim Henson*

In this N+1 we talk through:

  • how to data-bind static fragments
  • how to data-bind dynamic fragments
  • briefly how to data-bind fragments in:
  • tabs
  • dialogs
  • the little-known MvxFrameControl

For more on fragments:

The video is:

Today's source code is available on:

A full and wonderful index for N+1 is available on


* ok, not really :) For more on Fraggle Rock... - which is where the images above come from (under CC). Also for the full Fraggle Rock theme song, try

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