Saturday, February 01, 2014

3.1.1-beta5 ... consider this a release candidate please :)

I've just pushed 3.1.1-beta5 to the binaries repository and to nuget

All the changes since 3.0.14 stable are detailed below.

The main things to flag since the last beta are:

  • changes to IoC to help users detect when circular dependencies go wrong
  • changes to IoC to make it easier to enable property injection
  • fixes to MvxCommand CanExecuteChanged binding - the weak event references were too weak on iOS

Note: Community-Sqlite is still on 3.1.1-beta4 - there are no changes to this plugin at this time.

I am **really** hoping that this is the final beta.... we definitely need to release a full 3.1.1 release soon!

After 3.1.1 is release, there are a few things lined up for 3.1.2 already :)

Changes in 3.1.1-beta1:

  • Switch to profile 158 for all portable assemblies
  • Switch to WP8 for all WindowsPhone projects - plus System.Windows.Interactivity dependency updated to 3.9.5
  • Fragging now uses the Google Xamarin.Android v4 support library rather than the Mono.Android one.
  • Html email fix for Android
  • Changes to nuget referencing (especially WP8 and SL5)
  • To avoid angst, the existing SQLite plugin is no longer marked "obsolete" - I still encourage everyone to switch to the new community plugin as it is the better plugin (and I encourage people to step forwards to take over the admin of this too!)
  • Improved helper method for subscribing to Interaction events
  • A draft IMvxComposeEmailTaskEx interface has been added to the mail plugin allowing attachments and multiple addresses on some platforms. More work is still needed here

Changes in 3.1.1-beta2:

  • softlion's Accessory fix for Content in Xamarin.iOS table cells
  • removal of the unused Content set property accessor in in Xamarin.Android list view items
  • inclusion of more efficient Exists methods in Windows Store
  • allowing non-void command methods in CommandCollectionBuilder
  • an attempt at fixing the KitKat spinner inflation problem thanks especially to Cheesebaron
  • an initial Community SQLite 158 port thanks to CreepyGnome and Tofutim

Changes in 3.1.1-beta3 and 3.1.1-beta4:

  • Android Email attachment thanks to @holgmans
  • MvxNativeValueConverter inner-wrapper access thanks to @damirarh
  • Tibet leak fixed for Xaml platforms
  • Tabs fragment provide hook to allow transitions thanks to @softlion
  • Droid Honeycomb list activation code included - thanks to several people
  • MvxCommand changed to use weak reference event manager
  • Droid Click and iOS TouchUpInside bindings changed to use CanExecuteChanged
  • Company name included in all assemblies (to stop Windows Store complaining!)
  • LayoutBorderWidth binding added in iOS - thanks to @stephanvs

Changes in 3.1.1-beta5:

  • ImagePicker graceful handling of corrupt Android image files
  • Fix for Tibet binding - functional form of ValueConverter calling now allows better handling for True, False and Null
  • Minor fixes for a couple of improved trace messages 
  • Refactor of MvxViewsContainer - Setup can now more easily override IMvxViewsContainer creation.
  • IoC - warn users if we detect circular resolution
  • IoC - provide PropertyInjector
  • Fix for CanExecuteChanged binding on Touch - weak references were too weak.

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