Thursday, February 27, 2014

Awesome Mvvm - at home on Windows

We've seen quite an upturn in the number of "Windows" developers using MvvmCross recently - lots of people build across WindowsPhone, WindowsStore and WPF. This is fab - long live .Net on Windows :)

To help them along the way, there's also been quite a few awesome bloggers posting "tips and tricks" stories.

Among the highlights are:

These are all excellent - really good reads and really help people get booted into writing portable, testable, awesome code.

Thanks to you all for such awesome work - a badge of awesomeness for each of you!


  1. Really useful post Stuart. There are a couple of gems there.


  2. Stuart, if you didn't see this article it's a good starter for those less experienced with MvvmCross (

    1. Thanks Nick - yes I'd noticed - nice work :) I was waiting for you to tweet it before retweeting :) ... And i was 4 months behind on badges - slowly catching up :) Thanks for all the fab blogging and article writing. Hope i get to return the favour for one of your projects one day :)