Wednesday, October 31, 2012

How to ask questions about MvvmCross?

If you've got questions... then that's good.

I love answering questions about Mvx and hearing about what users want.

Take a look at all the information that's already available -

So please feel free to ask questions by:

1. You can post them on StackOverflow - - please think about your question and provide as much detail as you can - I generally spend about 10 minutes to write a good answer so please also spend 10 minutes writing a good question.

For all questions, please search first - if there are any similar problems/questions then consider referencing them in your question.

For complicated questions, please consider writing a separate small test app which focusses on the problem area, rather than posting all your code - no-one has time to read all your code :)

If you find you have followup questions... then please do not update your question... and please do not ask new questions in comments - open a new question instead :)

2. You can post them on - but again the more relevant detail you can provide the better - consider adding a gist for code -

3. If you think it is a bug or a new feature then you can open a new issue on - ideally include some sample code that I can build and run - if you have a test application please put it in a repo somewhere. If I have to make a test app myself for each and every issue then I'll be slower to answer...

4. You can come along to but please don't ask too many questions there - it's not a great place to ask questions to look at code or to share things really - and it's not very searchable so it's hard for answers to benefit others...

Looking forwards to hearing from you all :)


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