Sunday, November 04, 2012

Some Useful MvvmCross Links...

Key posts from and key questions and answers

Portable Class Libraries

Portable Class Library problems - "defined in an assembly that is not referenced"
Working around the profile1-only problem in Mono builds -
More on PCL setup for MonoTouch/MonoDroid -
Xamarin reported bugs that @slodge is involved with - mostly PCL -


Experiences and Limitations -
Getting Help -
Setting up a fork - basic GitHub steps -

Navigation and Architecture

Passing in variables to ViewModels -
MethodAccessException -
Providing different views for iPhone and iPad -
Replacing the default ViewModelLocator -
Passing in Services as constructor parameters -
Problems in release mode only -
Hunting for memory leaks -
One pattern for error reporting - and also at
Changes to IoC in vNext -


Testing ViewModels -


JSON Binding introduction -
Custom Favorites Button Binding - Custom binding for text color -
Binding MonoTouch UIViewController member variables -
Two way bindings for integers -
Binding doesn't work on a real device -
Custom binding for a Touch event -
ListItem Property Binding -
Displaying images - and
What do I do without CommandParameters?
Why doesn't Touch work -
Working around ICommand CanExecute problems -
Debugging binding problems -


Using Tabs/TabActivity -
AutoComplete -
Removing the splash screen -
Handling Back -
I want a simple View without a ViewModel -
Fragment support - current not done -
Using custom Intents -
Why won't my project include the MvxBindingAttributes.xml file -
Using ICommands within ListItems -
Receiving broadcast actions -
Displaying Selection -
Using custom controls in XML -
Responding to checkbox changes -
Integrating a custom Activity -


Modal presentation (and custom presenters) -
Using Tabs/UITabBarController -
Customising the Navigation Bar (UINavigationController) -
Modal Views - with a UINavigationController -
Displaying multiple modal views -
Using a DateTimeElement in MT.Dialog -
How to do a "combobox"/Uipickerview in Touch (also see
Problems with MT.D Element redrawing -


Intercepting Back key presses -
Using live tiles -


Getting Location -
Distance between 2 points -
Why no speed and bearing :( -
Integrating VideoView from Xamarin.Mobile -


How to write a Conventional plugin -
How to inject platform specific services -
Another introduction to Conventional plugins -

"Simple Projects"

Multiple View/ViewModel sample -

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