Sunday, November 11, 2012

SSL problems with Microsoft Azure Mobile Services on Mono for Android (MonoDroid)

My main test Android device - a SIM-unlocked Galaxy Note upgraded to ICS - doesn't like any 'Microsoft Secure Server Authority' certificates. e.g. it doesn't like or

This is a problem if you try to use Azure Mobile Services - because https connections to a service like will result in an AggregateException within which (several layers deep) will be a MobileServiceInvalidOperationException with a message saying just 'Send Failure' (derived from ServiceFilterResponseStatus SendFailure)

If anyone else encounters this issue... then below is some hacky code I transplanted from an old demo project. It seems to work.... but could probably be improved to work with just Microsoft Secure Server Authority messages.

This code hacks the ServicePointManager to allow it to accept all HTTPS/SSL addresses regardless of whether or not the certificate is trusted. Don't use this in your banking apps please :)

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