Friday, November 16, 2012

Aviva - Drive.... An MvvmCross Testimonial

Back at the end of the Summer I got this email through from a Solution Designer in Aviva - a very large UK Insurance company:

Thought you'd like to know that we are using MvvmCross in our RateMyDrive app that is currently being Beta tested:
There's been a fair amount of press about it, and it's even been on the telly:  (fast forward to 9:08)
So a big thank you for the major contribution your framework has made to this project. It has allowed us to share the complex algorithms for deriving the driver rating scores between Android, iOS and Console/Test apps. In fact 90% of the code is shared and easily testable.

This project is still ongoing - - and I think the above quotation says everything you need to know about MvvmCross.... :)

If you've been using MvvmCross, and you have any feedback, then please do send it to me :)

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