Monday, November 19, 2012

Cross Platform .Net Podcast from Jesse Liberty, Jon Galloway and Miguel de Icaza

@JesseLiberty, @jongalloway and @migueldeicaza discuss open source and Mono things including a couple of discussions around MvvmCross and MonoCross :)

Worth a listen - there's lots of good technical info; interesting questions like 'what does Miguel do all day?'; some great phrases like 'the delight of using Native APIs'; an intriguing comment right at the end about a major product launch next year - "a universe of goodness"; plus some interesting background on the relationships between Mono, Ximian, Novell, Xamarin, MonkeySpace, Microsoft and ... of course ... Monkeys :)

For the audio:

For a background post:

Thanks for the mentions :) I really want to know what the product next year is now :)

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