Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Another update on the Default UI work for MvvmCross....

We've made more steady progress on the Default UI work.

We've now got the MvvmCross CustomerManagement demo (borrowed originally from MonoCross) completely rendering from JSON.

So, that's:
  • the front page screen (a List)
  • the details screen (a Dialog)
  • the edit and new screens (a Dialog)
  • a menu on each screen.

To do this, currently we're using JSON files loaded using convention rules from the Assets folder:

However, we want to move this to a set of conventions and/or attributes based on the ViewModels themselves. This is coming...

And then we'll look at porting this back to MonoTouch and MonoTouch.Dialog too...

And then also coming, is WP.Dialog - see @runegri's fork of MonoDroid Dialog at https://github.com/runegri/Android.Dialog

There's a lot of code to tidy up - but will post more details and some demo code soon!

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  1. Keep up the good work guys! Really looking forward to this.