Monday, November 26, 2012

MvvmCross on the TabletShow :)

Thanks to @MrLacey for this tipoff:

What they said (about 30 minutes in):
It's basically an Mvvm framework using the Xamarin tools. It takes it all the way up to the UI layer, so that the only thing you are building is, for example on the Windows 8 side, just the XAML; on the iOS side just the XML that describes the screens; and the same thing on the Android side.
And you're binding - that's it!
Everything else from that UI definition down is all shared code - so you're basically building almost your entire app with shared code. You're just defining the views each time.
There were plenty of "So Cool", "pretty exciting" and "Awesome" comments thrown in - and some inciteful remarks about:
  • the importance of native UI
  • how MvvmCross provides you a native UI
  • how it allows you to swap out views on each platform
  • how it helps lower the cost of native development
  • and about how MvvmCross is ideal for business apps

Thanks to John Sonmez and the Tablet Show team for the nice comments about the 'huge potential for cross-platform development' :)

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