Friday, November 30, 2012

BallControl - an open source Sphero C# controller - WP7, MonoDroid and hopefully MonoTouch (and WinRT?)

Meet my latest open source project - meet BallControl for Sphero:

Here's a first video I made for the project - sorry about the low audio volume!

Xamarin the Native, Sphero the Ball and Lumia the Phone....

After a long week of coding, this experiment in sleep deprivation reaches its inevitable conclusion....

- Xamarin.Mobile Picture capture
- Native voice control
- Native accelerometer control
- Native UI with lots of touch
- Native BlueTooth
- Guest Starring Sphero the ball
- Cross platform Mvvm

Xamarin the Monkey....  because going Native matters

Can I sleep now?

Here's the apps first public outing to a local user group:

Some technical info

The project demonstrates Xamarin.Mobile by using Xamarin.Mobile media picker.... But, beyond that it also extends Xamarin.Mobile tackling some elements of several Xamarin.Mobile requests on uservoice:

The Source

The source is on:

Currently, we have:
  • a working WP8 app
  • a working (but ugly) MonoDroid app
  • a non-working Windows Store app - it seems that Windows Store does not yet support BlueTooth SPP devices - which is so bad :(
I will get a MonoTouch app working soon....

I will also post to the WP8 app store soon.

And I will post some more videos soon....

If anyone is interested in how the app was built I did live blog the first 10 hours of coding... see PDF at (or email me for a Word doc). Sorry I didn't blog the whole lot - but there was a lot of code to write... and I did it in 5 days end-to-end while still holding down the day job too.

That's AmazeBalls! How do I get a Sphero:

If you want a sphero, then try:

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