Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Intercepting RaisePropertyChanged - Intercepting Awesome

In the last month, we've seen a few attempts at extending MvvmCross within ViewModels so that users can write more sophisticated, less verbose and more intelligent ViewModels.

From the project side, this has included the addition of the IMvxInpcInterceptor - see

From the community, one of the most interesting projects I've seen is

This project:

  • provides automated hooks to raise dependent property change notifications (so that FullName gets triggered whenever FirstName or LastName change)
  • provides attributes for callback methods within ViewModels so that the ViewModel can execute code when
  • extends all of this to child collections as well as to 'normal' properties
  • comes with a full set of samples and a full readme too

This really is an awesome set of ideas - and to see it coded and shared as open source is superb.

Mvvm within C# is already a great tool for app development, but there's a lot of room for all of to grow, to learn and to evolve - and projects like PropertyChangedEventPropagation are most definitely part of the future.

zleao - awesome - big badge of awesomeness very happily awarded!

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