Thursday, July 25, 2013

Xamarin 4.8 Stable... not sure....

If any MvvmCross get asked today if they want to upgrade to 4.8, then my advice is "wait"

Unfortunately, if you do a fresh install on a Mac, then try the sequence "File->New->Portable Class Library" then that library will not build. The build gives lots of errors about "predefined type XXX is not defined or imported"

I think this will probably be easy to fix - it will probably be down to the PCL reference assemblies - but until some brave leading-edge adventurers have worked this out, then it might be wise to "wait" and not to install the 4.8.0 version

 Hopefully soon this will get resolved - then we can async/await :) :) :)


  1. I reported this bug a while ago to Xamarin (, they have fixed it in the Alpha build, but it looks like that fix is only going to work for Xamarin Studio 4.1

    I did give a temporary fix to the issue with the bug report, not an ideal solution though

  2. As another workaround, you can also switch the .NET runtime to an older version (eg. 2.10.12).
    In Xamarin Studio: Preferences > Projects > .NET Runtimes.

    But, obviously, you won't be getting any new features from Mono 3 then...

  3. I wasn't aware of this and I upgraded and now my projects won't build anymore :S

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    1. I added zillions of dlls to my project on Mac but new errors keep popping and eventually I gave it up. I am now working from my Windows virtual machine. I faced couple of bugs there as well but I managed to solve them. For instance when I hit Start (on VS2012) after building the app wouldn't start and the IDE would just break into normal mode without showing any message. I was lucky that I could figure out it's because of a change in the new version of Mono related to the way I had used WCF.

  5. I see MvvmCross as THE litmus test for validating a working Xamarin release. I tossed away Xamarin to look at other solutions until async and PCLs are properly working. That was five months ago. I won't take another look until Stuart gives the high sign.

  6. There is so much good stuff already - working unofficially with PCLs has been great these last 3 months - see

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  8. Hey!, Xamarin have finally fixed the System.Linq.Expressions bug that was stopping my application from using async/await with MvvmCross!!! I am now officially async/awaiting :) You have to replace a façade DLL in your local installation at present - I'm sure it will be in the next beta release...

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