Thursday, July 11, 2013

Les vidéos super-impressionnant - @odenaxos

Last year, MvvmCross got some awesome input from Olivier in France - he published some long, detailed and awesome posts on how to use Mvvm cross-platform and how to reuse an existing Silverlight app in the new platforms and how to use MvvmCross vNext IoC.

The excellent news is... in the last few weeks, @odenaxos has returned - he's back with some new articles and screencasts about v3.

Check these out in:

As someone who's made a few videos recently, I can really recognise the time and attention that @odenaxos has put into these - he's taken real care to provide some high-quality, well-edited, nicely-crafted tutorials - they are awesome!

Olivier - merci - voila un badge d'awesomeness!

1 comment:

  1. I love this badge ! Thanks :-)

    I'm not always and exactly following each N+1, but I'm following the spirit of this great series.
    N+1 is now my prefered series (apart big bang theory :-) ). Thanks a lot fot this great job and the awesomeness of MvvmCross !