Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Juan and Gitte - just keep on talking - badge-worthy awesomeness!

Regular blog readers will already have heard plenty about Juan and Gitte.

Gitte from Belgium has already talked about MvvmCross several times - including at the MSTechDays ( and at our London Mvvm days (

Juan from Tenerife has talked about us in several places and has also posted some awesome articles on using MvvmCross with F# -

In the last month, both Gitte and Juan have been talking again!

And this time their audiences have included:

- Gitte at COMDayBE

- Juan in a Microsoft Spain Webinar -

It's awesome to have these guys out there talking about cross platform Mvvm - and it's even more awesome that they've posted such fab slides and samples to accompany the talks!

It's a pleasure to award 2 new awesome badges for 2 awesome talkers - both of whom now hit 3 badges:

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