Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Reactive Awesomeness from @Robfe

Many of us write our code around our data...

Reactive coders instead centre their coding on their data flows.

In the increasingly async coding environment in which we all work, this is a really interesting way forwards - it's probably the way most of us should be thinking.

One problem, however, was that the Reactive libraries themselves require the new style PCLs - like those in Profile78 - so they didn't work that well with the existing MvvmCross codebase which uses Profile104.

Rob Fonseca-Ensor - @robfe - tackled this problem head-on - he ported Rx back to 104 and then shipped this source back to the community -

This shift from System.Reactive -> PortableRx.Reactive is truely awesome. I really look forwards to using it.

It's a huge pleasure to hand out a big reactive badge of awesomeness to @robfe :

One more note - if you are interested in Reactive coding, then another interesting project to track is ReactiveUI - - which is also shifting towards PCLs :)

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