Tuesday, July 23, 2013

MvvmCross 3.0.10 binaries released to nuget, GitHub and skydrive

3.0.10 is a fairly small release - just a few small patches to 3.0.9 from 10 days ago.

I really hope this might be the last release before we switch to Xamarin official PCLs - I might even label those releases 3.1.x

The list of 3.0.10 changes is:
  • minor nuspec file fix - ResourceLoader now availble for WPF
  • a DataContext is now non-virtual everywhere - this may be a breaking change for anyone who was overriding it in their tableviewcells, in an MvxView or in a MvxFrameControl. The recommended solution for the breaking change is to use Binding for all DataContext changes.
  • UIDatePicker now has a "Time" binding - can be used to bind to  a TimeSpan - see ApiExamples project for use
  • In order to support textbox to decimal number binding (see #350), we've changed the binding layer so that:
    1. source (viewModel) bindings do not update the ViewModel if the new value Equals the existing value
    2. for the specific cases of double, float and decimal source values the target bindings do a text-numeric equivalent comparison before setting the UI
  • Fixed "whole object" binding which was broken in 3.0.9 by the Tibet binding changes - the workaround for this in 3.0.9 was to use a period "." for the whole object path (see http://stackoverflow.com/questions/17729282/error-when-making-bind-observablecollectionstring-for-a-mvxlistview/17729996#17729996)
  • Minor changes to design time helpers for Visibility and Color
  • Fixed the MvxPickerViewModel to allow its choice list to be updated dynamically (#354)
  • Groups of Bindings can now be removed from a BindingContext using a ClearKey. To specify the ClearKey for FluentBinding, use the `.WithClearBindingKey(key)` extension (linked to http://stackoverflow.com/questions/17680846/mvvmcross-clearbindings-how-to-use-in-touch and #358)

I've run this build against our unit tests (more still needed), against a significant chunk of the MvvmCross-Tutorials samples, and against some 'new project' tests. All seemed good :) Hopefully this release hasn't broken too much .... as I'm off on holiday real soon :)

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