Monday, July 01, 2013

Nuget beta version available...

There's a new nuget beta version I've just uploaded.

It's available as 3.0.9-beta - so will only be shown if you have the prerelease flag set.

It's a bit hard to explain what's in this beta version right now - I'm away from the home office again this week...

The big new things are that there are a couple of new packages which enable binding to methods and to fields... so right now I'm looking at a ViewModel which looks like:

Within a Droid  UI this can be bound to as:

I will be back with more info 'soon'... just working too hard!

Have fun out there :)


  1. Great, Slodge! Arming with new toys ;)
    I still need to check work command with CommandParameter in new release.


  2. Very interesting, I'm speculating but presumably NC is Notify Change and you've found a way of hiding the RaisePropertyChanged ceremony?