Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Chimp is born.... Mvvm on MonoDroid without MvvmCross

One of the goals of MvvmCross v3, Hot Tuna, is to allow other Mvvm and non-Mvvm libraries to take advantage of MvvmCross Plugins and MvvmCross Data-Binding without the developers having to buy into the entire MvvmCross experience.

For reasons I can't quite remember, this part of the project got the codename Chimp.


The good news is that today a Chimp is born!


The source of a first demo is in:

This demo just has:
  • a simple INotifyPropertyChanged ViewModel
  • a simple Activity with an MvxBindingContext added
  • some simple AXML with some Swiss MvxBind statements inside

Importantly, this demo has references to only:
  • the very smallest core parts of MvvmCross - the CoreCross library
  • the MvvmCross.Binding libraries

On top of these references, I've added just a small amount of Setup infrastructure for starting IoC, Trace, etc, and this then allows the binding code to work for our simple View and ViewModel


To get to this stage has required turning MvvmCross completely upside-down in terms of dependencies... but I'm excited that we've now reached this result.

I'll try to add another demo or two in the next couple of days - but really... this is now an invitation to others - does anyone want to see if the Chimp will walk with their favorite Mvvm platform?

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