Friday, March 29, 2013

Awesome feedback - helping MvvmCross presentations Evolve for the better! Lee Oades - wow - thank you - Awesome!

This week, I gave my first Hot Tuna talk at Modern Jago in London

In all honesty, it was a warm up talk for Evolve and I was a bit ropey - sorry guys, I'd been so busy coding for the release that I'd left preparing for the talk until too late....

However, fortunately I survived - and I think all the fab Windows Store developers understood most of my message :)

And one of them....

Well, one of them was Lee Oades a dev who describes himself:
Pro C# Developer, photographer, guitar player, poker player and proud husband & father of two
 ... I think this means two children, not two wives ;)

And yesterday, he followed up with the most fabulously detailed set of notes about where the talk was bad, bits that worked, bits that could have been better, how his dev friend had seen it and generally what would make it even more awesome. Beyond the summary text there were 18 (18!) really good points to look to improve

This is fabulous... totally fabulous... it gives me I can get on with preparing for Evolve - where MvvmCross will be at it's Hottest and most Tuna-esque

Lee, thank you - 100% awesome - grab an awesomeness badge and take a bow:

Also... very much looking forwards to seeing Lee talk in the future - the return favour will be my pleasure ;)

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  1. Ha. Fame at last. No worries regarding the feedback. Yes, just the one wife. :-) Really should update that photo.

    Best of luck in the US of A.