Tuesday, March 19, 2013

ALM2GO - an MvvmCross project management tracker ... and Alexey grabs a Badge of Awesomeness

SeeD-Seifer also known as Alexey has been in touch a few times over the last few months - including helping out with a few bugs and issues, especially around Dialog functionality.

I've now just found out that he and the team at ArtOfBytes have recently shipped ALM2GO - a super clean looking project tracking tool for iPhone.

This tool is built on top of MvvmCross, especially using Dialog functionality and it looks great - you can get it today from: https://itunes.apple.com/app/alm2go/id600778564

For shipping such a great MvvmCross/Dialog app, and for long-term services to Dialog, I'm really, really pleased to award Alexey a Badge Of Awesomeness!

It's great to see slick, delightful, robust business apps shipping on top of MvvmCross - awesome work by all in Hamburg and the Ukraine!

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