Tuesday, March 19, 2013

TeaLight... a T4 generation framework for MvvmCross applications - you know what... it's Awesome!

A trio from Avenade got in touch during February.

@jonkeda,  Matthijs van der Veer, and Jermaine Jong have together been building TeaLight - a huge and hugely impressive code generation framework for Business applications on top of Mvvm.

Featuring multi-platform support, local-remote data-synchronisation, customisable UI generation and automated testing, this framework builds on top of T4 templates and provides app generation direct from business definitions.

They presented this framework to an audience of over 80 at TechDays NL at the start of March, and are currently looking forwards to extending it to support Async, Nuget and more. If anyone else is interested and wants to get involved, then check out their wiki as the project builds and evolves on http://tealight.wikia.com/

For a really cool project, for beating brutal deadlines, and for truely delivering on the developers rule that real developers automate, I'm delighted to send out the first Netherlander Badge Van Awesomeness. Excellent stuff:

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