Friday, March 01, 2013

Hot Tuna - MvvmCross v3 progress

The work on MvvmCross v3 is picking up pace :)

The current tip of the v3 code is on and I'm now beginning to build my first customer project using v3.

MvvmCross - v3 - Hot Tuna

Most of the progress continues to be over weekends - but I'm planning on investing some serious time on v3 during March.

The current v3 status is still very much Alpha - names, namespaces, apis, and functionality may all still change - so I don't recommend using v3 unless (like me) you like pain.

But if you do try to use v3, then I'd love to hear from you ;)

Some more advice for intrepid adventurers who want to fish for some Hot Tuna:
  • As with previous versions, the best documentation today is the samples - but I am looking to change this.
  • There are a large number of changes from master and vNext - especially when it comes to namespaces and class names. I will try to explain this more in blog posts during March.
  • There are some big structural changes in v3 - especially the introduction of CoreCross, and the reversal of dependencies between MvvmCross and the Data-Binding code. I will try to explain this more in blog posts during March.
  • If porting code from vNext to v3, then there are some tedious changes to make. I will try to explain these more in blog posts during March:
    • Views to change from generic to non-generic
    • Namespaces to move
    • Project references to change
    • IoC to switch over to the new syntax
    • Problems with Xamarin2.0 to overcome
    • ... and more besides!

If you would like an insight into v3, then I've prepared this slide deck as an introduction:

I'm still loving MvvmCross and cross-platform C# development - the future is bright, databound, and portable :)

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