Friday, March 29, 2013

Fixing Mvvm Commands - Making Hot Tuna better - @XamlDude bags a Tuna flavored Badge of Awesomeness

Last week @xamldude posted an interesting blog post on ICommands might be 'improved' -

Not everyone agreed with the post - a few notable names said it was an already solved problem - that, code snippets, for example negated the need for this.



... I loved the idea.

So, MvvmCross v3 is going to ship with a new class - MvxCommandCollection

This class allows you to write and expose your ICommands as methods.

After you've done this, then the commands can be accessed in XAML or AXML using markup like:

This approach won't be to everyone's tastes - but I love it - it gives users the choice to just name methods ending with 'Command' and these will automatically translate to ICommand's

Behind the scene's there's also more going on too - e.g.  you can use parameterised commands, and you can use CanExecuteCommandName properties to enable/disable the Commands too. I will try to explain that more fully another day...

For now... @xamldude this was an awesome post - there's only one way to say 'thank you' - with a badge of Hot Tuna MvvmCross awesomeness:

Awesome @xamldude Awesome!

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