Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hot Tuna docs... MvvmCross v3 - slowly progressing...

I am slowly kicking through documentation for HotTuna, starting with ... Getting started.

The first few installments are now on:

Coming next will be the WindowsPhone and WinRT UIs - which I probably will cover in less detail.

After this first tutorial is done I'll start on other samples and walk-throughs, moving on from the intro and covering more advanced topics....

You'll notice I'm currently not saying too much about where to get files from or how to setup the IDEs for PCLs... this is partly because this area is changing a lot right now - so I think the docs could be out of date every week if I try to explain too much.

These are taking a lot of time to produce...

  • Are they worth it? 
  • Is there something else you'd prefer to see instead?
  • Or as well?
  • Feedback always welcome!


  1. Definitely worth it so far, these are exactly what we needed to get started. Thanks.

  2. Don't forget the wpf sample!

    1. I didn't :) See - but please do bear in mind that wpf is not something I've commercially developed for - so I'm relying on the community to plug the (BIG) gaps in my knowledge, and to keep WPF up-to-speed with samples, plugins, etc.

    2. Sweet, thanks. Unfortunately I am a beginner at wpf so I am not much help here.