Friday, March 29, 2013

Fixing the Spinner control - Now That's What I Call Bug Hunting - Hugo gagne un insigne d'awesomeness

Hot Tuna is almost Beta....

But officially it's still Alpha

And I'm 'totally stoked' that so many people are already using it :)

One such person is long-time user - Hugo Terelle - and this week he reported that the Android Spinner binding was broken....

... but he didn't just report it....

... he also fixed it...

.... and he also supplied a test repo on GitHub to make it quick and easy to confirm the fix.

Hugo - Thanks - Now That's What I Call Bug Hunting - and deserving of a Badge of Alpha Tuna Awesomeness:

Note: I *think* Hugo's the one on the right in this picture - but I'm sure the one on the left is also writing awesome code already :)

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  1. On the left, it's mini-me, doing awesome mini-test :)