Friday, March 15, 2013

V3 code reaches Alpha...

Hot Tuna!

If you're interested in v3, then the code in GitHub builds and runs on Xamarin 2.0 code:

  • Xamarin.Android, WinRT, WPF and WindowsPhone all build and run on VS2012 on PC (Debug profile tested)
  • Xamarin.iOS builds and runs on the Mac for iPhoneSimulator
Xamarin.iOS doesn't yet build within VS2012 - there are problems with integrating System.Windows.ICommand

If you want to play... then it is Alpha... but it is the future - so please do :)

It's all on the v3 branch:

Hot Tuna!


  1. How high a priority is vs2012 support? I'd like to take a look but I have vs2012.

    1. not sure I understand.... vs2012 works for xamdroid, wpf, wp and winrt now - just xam.ios not working and that's an issue i'll work through with xamarin