Friday, March 29, 2013

Conventional Views - from the Badge winning Camel - pure genius!

Last weekend, I got a tweet... just a few characters from Johan Otto - also known as: @MorbidCamel 

How about a custom attribute for views like [ViewModel(typeof(MyMvxViewModel))] alternative to naming convention reflection in Setup

This was a Tweet that HotTuna really needed....

This sort of thing has been discussed before... and I knew it was there... but recently I'd been spending so much time just GettingThingsWorking(TM) that I'd missed the obvious...

So I'm delighted to say that now in MvvmCross v3 if you have a ViewModel like:

Then you can simply declare a view for it like any of:

Really this is awesome - totally awesome - I've now switched all my apps to this - it is just so obviously good - it's lovely.

Not only that... but this Tweet served as a reminder for MvvmCross back to one its roots - back to CoC - Convention over Configuration - something that we've been trying to do since v0.

Thank you @MorbidCamel - you helped make the #HotTuna even Hotter.

100% Awesome - this badge is for a Conventional-not-Configured hero called Johan Otto:

Thank you Johan - pure genius!


  1. Hi,

    I use Mvvmcross, but before I used Jounce for my silverlight application.

    There is a lot of good stuffs in this framework. It use MEF for injection but I think several attributes can be reused.

    This kind of attributes was in it.

    1. Thanks Sebastien :) If there's more good ideas you'd like to see included then please add them as issues on - just want to keep getting better :)