Saturday, March 30, 2013

Hot Tuna goes Beta, tastes of Nuget ... and Daniel Plaisted gets the biggest hottest fishiest badge of awesomeness yet seen!

Thanks to everyone who's been playing with Hot Tuna as it's gone through some pretty hefty Alpha changes!

The good news is that today MvvmCross v3 is now officially in Beta. 

This means that the API is now 'locked off' - I will try not to make any more structural changes (e.g. renaming key Mvvm classes or moving them between namespaces) - indeed I'm hoping I won't make (m)any more changes at all...

This means you can now start to code against v3 safe in the knowledge that you are coding against a 'near final' version :)

There may still be additions made to Hot Tuna - there are a few open issues still to resolve - but overall it's stable now - and I love it :) :) :)


To celebrate, I've spent most of the last 24 hours playing with Nuget packages. You can see them on the nuget prerelease channel:

These packages are very new, but:
  • should 'mostly' work for WindowsPhone and Xamarin.Android inside VS2012
  • will 'on the whole' work with WindowsStore
  • 'only partly' work for WPF - we just don't have that many plugins yet for WPF
  • won't work at all for Xamarin.iOS - but should work as soon as Xamarin ship their PCL support...

To work with these nuget packages, you need to:

  1. Install the very latest builds of nuget - from - these are builds of the upcoming v2.5 release
  2. Install an XML file for PCL for Xamarin.Android - like this one - it needs to go in C:\Program Files (x86)\Reference Assemblies\Microsoft\Framework\.NETPortable\v4.0\Profile\Profile104\SupportedFrameworks
  3. Make sure you are looking at pre-release packages inside Nuget - these packages will not show up in 'stable only'

Here's a quick (and rather rough) video of these packages at work:

I can't shout loudly enough about how ecstatic I am to have nuget working like this with Xamarin.Android. Mr Daniel Plaisted put in heaps of effort to make this happen... he logged hours on Xmas day last year through to Good Friday yesterday.

This is the Biggest Hottest Fishiest badge of awesomeness ever - @dsplaisted you are officially awesome 3 times over! Thank you Daniel!


  1. The WPF dll name as a space in it before the WPf. E.g. it's "Cirrious.MvvmCross. Wpf" instead of "Cirrious.MvvmCross.Wpf".

    This is probably the cause of some of my issues :(

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  3. Sean - log issues on github please - and feel free to contribute via gist too :)