Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Drawing for free

I'm finally reaching the "polish" stage of stage one of my "son of hollybar" project - so I thought I'd have a go at drawing a logo for my new website...

Only problem is that I've lost my copy of PaintShopPro (it's somewhere embedded within my XP image - and I'm not going back!) and Microsoft seem to have stopped shipping any paint programs - so I can't leverage my MSDN sub.

However, a quick search revealed... which has three good recommendations:
So I've had a go..... and:
  • G Sketchup was way too complicated - I seemed to get straight into architecture mode... into designing buildings. It's probably very good if you want to design for Google Earth...
  • But Gimp was gorgeous... I can't use it in exactly the same was as I could never use PaintShopPro nor Photoshop - so it's a winner!
  • (will try inkscape later...)

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