Friday, December 19, 2008

ThreeSharp - AWS C# Access - superb!

Following up from yesterday I've signed up for an AWS account (the clock is now ticking!) and I've been playing with this ThreeSharp library -

All I can say is it is superb - very easy to use and looks very good all round :)

Only problem I've had so far is that the wrapper does not support European domains by default - you get a message about needing to specify the endpoint - the way around this is to add the SUBDOMAIN Format specifier to the wrapper constructor

        public ThreeSharpWrapper(String awsAccessKeyId, String awsSecretAccessKey)


            this.config = new ThreeSharpConfig();

            this.config.AwsAccessKeyID = awsAccessKeyId;

            this.config.AwsSecretAccessKey = awsSecretAccessKey;

            // added by Stuart

            this.config.Format = CallingFormat.SUBDOMAIN;


            this.service = new ThreeSharpQuery(this.config);


Summary - a really good library - really easy to use - thanks to Affirma!

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