Sunday, December 28, 2008

What's new in DNN5

So it seems DNN have been busy over the Xmas period - including launching DNN 5 -

Here's the official blog announcement -

And here's the full change release notes (way too much detail) -

So here's the highlight bullet points:
  • There's new support for XHTML and CSS in skins - removing lots of the non CSS features (table dependent things) - skins should now be much easier to design - they should be less DNN specific.
  • jQuery support has been added - along with a widget framework (widgets being a bit like modules only 100% javascript)
  • Beneath the covers there are more unit tests and more testability - which should lead to long term improvements and stability
  • IE8 web slice support has been added
  • The installer has been improved
  • Admin pages are now no longer quite so special - they're now just normal pages with admin rights - also "deny" has been added as well as "allow" to all the permissions grids.
So.... overall it doesn't seem that big a set of changes... but it is the way forwards.... so time for me to install it (even though I normally wait for a week or two to let key security and other fixes come to light)

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