Thursday, December 04, 2008

Linq continued...

I can't decide whether I'm in love or whether I hate Linq.

It's definitely:
  • much quicker and nicer writing Linq code than it is constructing dynamic sql text
  • much quicker to write Linq rather than to write stored procedures
  • much easier to debug Linq than it is SQL
  • much quicker to use var and anonymous types than it is to use IQueryable and the like...
  • really impressively well supported by the tools - I loved how easy Linq 2 SQL was!
  • the syntax for join's and in clauses (use contains) is quite hard to find...
  • the SQL generated can be quite complicated and slow...
Overall... actually I'm loving it! It's just great discovering things like dragging an SQL scalar function to the Linq2Sql tools and having it then appear in my Linq Intellisense - really cool :)

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