Tuesday, December 16, 2008

An odd bug in the chart control?

Still charting (even at 1am!)

And I've just found my first bug in the chart control...

Only a minor one.

If I plot a graph then this is how it looks on the web UI:

However, if I plot the chart and then call SaveImage before displaying it, then I get this:

For record, the saved chart looks fine:

In my case there's an easy workaround - but thought someone might find this interesting...

Edit - I've also just tried calling SaveImage twice in a row - I see the same effect - in the second chart the data is corrupted.

Workaround/fix from Alex Gorev on the Msoft forum - if I set the series XValueType then this prevents the problem :)

series.XValueType = ChartValueType.DateTime;

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