Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The gurus of DotNetNuke

So as I start back on the DNN path after a year away, I've reacquainted myself with some old useful information sources, plus I've found some new ones as well:
  • www.dotnetnuke.com itself is an infuriating resource - it contains some really useful information, and yet it always feels like I won't find it when I'm looking for it.... maybe this is a lesson for me too - when I'm looking at DNN I must remember that search is not the easiest thing to do in DNN land!
  • Michael Washington's DNN help (including his blog items on the main DNN site) is a superb new addition to the DNN scene - thanks!
  • Mitchell Sellers site looks to have changed a lot in the last year, but I remember him as a very helpful, knowledgeable and intelligent contributor - his posts often fitted exactly a problem I was looking at on DNN at the time. I'll add his blog to my RSS reader.
  • www.learnmsnet.com looks very useful - I think it's Chris Blankenship behind the scenes - added to my RSS reader!
  • Nina and team at http://www.xd.com.au/ have good free skins and a great history and overview section too
  • These blog entries from Chris Cant serve a very useful introduction - thanks Chris
  • Somewhere behind this site (http://www.gooddogs.com/) is the main guy behind the very useful DNN repository module.
  • http://www.bi4ce.com/ are behind the DNN Map module (I think)
  • This blog from dnn gallery looks very very useful - I've added it to my reader
  • And dnn gallery itself lists the fact that it uses ventrian.com to achieve it's very nice looking blog - I could be tempted to use that myself! 'smcculloch' is the name I see a lot from here.
  • As alternative menus and indicies for a website house of nuke looks interesting
Note... I intend to keep updating this post...

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